Clocks that tell more than time

Each clock is a unique sculpture designed and hand built with one of a kind parts and materials, you will not find any two clocks are the same. The numbers are vintage printer blocks, surrounded by old clock parts, including gears, springs and faces. All of the elements are arranged against a backing of 100 year old barn wood incased in a new black shadow box. The functional aspect of each clock is a new quartz movement and should keep perfect time.

Each peice is signed and numbered.

Please view my current selection and remember that I can create a custom art piece for you. Just send me your questions in the contact section.

Piano Top
Item: CLK022
Price: $850.00 SOLD!

I started out with the keys and was about to cut off the tails but decided not to as I feel in love with how cool they looked. These old piano keys became the centerpiece of this design. I felt this large clock face was needed to balance out how dominant the rest of the piece was. I think this came out great with a great flow and musical feel throughout.


Overall dimensions for this work of art is 

36” high x 14” wide x 5” deep.

Weight: 15 lbs.